How I Would Destroy a Healthcare System in 5 Easy Steps

If I were king of the United States and wanted to destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world I know exactly how I would do it.iStock_000005811205_Large (2)  It wouldn’t be difficult provided I didn’t have any moral compass, self awareness, or ethics in my DNA.  If I was devoid of integrity and a textbook narcissist I could definitely crater the system.

First off I would have to have a large political group that would support my obvious assault on healthcare.   In addition to the political support I would need a compliant media who would report and support my ideology over the truth.

The Media b Second I would need a large organization that appears to represent doctors to join me in my plan.  This fig leaf would give me the appearance of physician support to the low information public.   It would also give me a platform to feed my well choreographed propaganda during the implementation.

Third I would allow major insurance companies to help me design my plan of destruction.  I would allow them to make record profits and protect them from any financial downside by government subsidies.

Fourth I would make the new health care law so convoluted and onerous that physicians couldn’t effectively treat patients and would become frustrated with all the rules and regulations whereby driving many providers to flee medical practice or early retirement.  I would also make sure there was no tort reform in the new law so that one of the true drivers of high medical costs and decreased physician accessibility would remain in place.

Despondent doctor sits slumped in his hospital hallway - Copyspace

Physicians leaving medical practice in epic numbers.   

Finally once my master plan of destruction was implemented I would need a feckless opposition party to the group that helped me launch this disaster.  I would count on a weak political party who could be controlled by lobbyist (see money) who would only mount a strong verbal opposition but would quietly support and go along with my plan.  This would ensure my plan could metastasize and completely destroy the greatest health care system in the world.    5 easy steps.  I am surprised someone hasn’t thought of it yet.





Physician Heal Thy Country

Puppet show on brown background

House and Senate

A new poll just released today has Dr. Ben Carson tied with Donald Trump for the GOP lead in Iowa with 23 percent.   Dr. Carson’s slow methodical rise in popularity may reflect that the general public is tired of career politicians that perform like corporate sock puppets.    Can a physician rise to the highest level of office in the United States?  I believe not only can Dr. Carson become president but that he would do an extraordinary job as commander and chief.   As a pediatric plastic surgeon, I believe that closer analysis of Dr. Carson reveals he would make an outstanding president of the United States.

The discipline and sacrifice required to become a pediatric neurosurgeon is in itself remarkable.  To achieve the level of success that Dr. Carson has achieved in neurosurgery is a testament to his intelligence, courage, and self discipline, all desired/required traits of a true leader.   To be the first pediatric neurosurgeon to separate conjoined twins in 1987 with both surviving gives us an insight into his character.  This 22 hr. surgery not only took stamina and concentration but incredible courage.  This was a highly publicized surgery on the world stage where success would result in grateful parents but failure in global criticism.  Dr. Carson knows how to weigh the risks and is not afraid to take the path less traveled.

Let me break it down for you in simple terms.  Dr. Carson was a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital and became the youngest director of pediatric neurosurgery just a few years after completing his residency.   While many may just dismiss this meteoric rise at Johns Hopkins to his surgical skills, I can assure you that NO ONE rises in such a highly competitive  academic world without strong administrative skills and extraordinary intuition to navigate the medical bureaucratic maze of one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country.  Unlike the corridors of congress where bluster and lobbyist pave the way to success, a surgeon on the rise has to produce and show incredible efficiency in surgery, research, and administration while his colleagues wait in the wings for any misstep.   This medical hat trick is performed while under the proverbial microscopic of numerous boards and panels.  Dr. Carson did this when he was 33 years old!

While many of today’s politicians and lawyers (yes most are synonymous) suffer from cognitive dissonance ,  physicians are trained with ethics that don’t contort to their personal advantage.   All medical students learn primum non nocere, “first do no harm”.   Ben Carson has personified that early principal that has laid the foundation for his life.   It will take selflessness, courage, and clear eyed character to lead our nation back to greatness.   Yes Dr. Carson is soft spoken.  He doesn’t need an over the top delivery because he is living an over the top life.  Can a physician heal and repair the 8 plus years of weak knee, limp leadership that has put our nation in a downward spiral.   I believe Dr. Carson is the right prescription for what currently ails our country.

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Drink More Water!

Soooo, you have started the slow carb diet and you only binge/cheat on your cheat day.  The next step is water.  Yep that cool refreshing drink.  Water is not only  essential for your health but will actually help you lose weight and smooth out those cravings.   Drink water throughout the day.  Good hydration with water equals continued weight loss.  Water is also the oil that keeps your body moving with less fatigue and strain.  There are several blogs and articles on the exact amount of water you should drink.  Your exercise and lifestyle will dictate that amount.  Stay active and stay hydrated.  Don’t quit, a thinner you is around the corner.

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Diet is a 4 Letter Word

I have been helping people lose weight for over 15 years.  It is all about eating and exercising lifestyle.  There is a lot of information to digest (no pun intended) and I will try and present the template for success in eating and diet lifestyle over the next several blog posts.   Start today and you will see and live the difference.

diet1 (2)


I have seen diet fads come and go.  The bottom line is this, diets don’t work.  Yep I said it.  Look at the word “diet”.  It starts with “die” and adds a t (metaphor for cross or sacrifice).  The diet industry is a multibillion dollar machine that runs on people’s fear and lack of discipline.  Now I’m not saying you can’t lose weight on diets, but keeping the weight off is the challenge.  I encourage patients to make a lifestyle change.  Change your habits and lifestyle and you will change your life.  It starts with what and how you eat.

Don’t change the clothes you wear, change your eating lifestyle.


I have been on a slow/no carb lifestyle for over 15 years.   This type of eating lifestyle has become more popular over the past decade due to the fact that it works.  The best in depth description of this diet (I prefer lifestyle) is in the book 4 hr. body by Tim Ferris .   I have tweaked and simplified the slow/no carb diet for my patients and will give you the basics to build off over the next several weeks.  I will also give you recipes and “hacks” that will help you stay the course.  The ultimate goal is that your new food and exercise choices become your permanent lifestyle.


Tale of a Tumor / Team 5 Expedition Overland / Day 4

Yesterday we met a beautiful young girl who had a back tumor that her parents say first appeared when she was one year old.  The tumor has steadily grown in size and now at age 9 it is causing her pain and discomfort. 2015-03-28 11.00.03  Her physical examination was normal except for the tumor and she didn’t have any neurological deficits or problems.  The tumor was firm and mobile and the team decided to operate and remove the tumor.







Waiting patiently the day before surgery.



The team assembled our makeshift jungle OR  and began to operate.

IMG_1252 IMG_1260










The tumor was removed without complications,




Who knows?  Maybe she will grow up and be a doctor.









Drones on the River







Team 5 Medical Foundation joined the crew at Expedition Overland in Central America.   Follow our journey with Expedition Overland.  You can also see other team member insights through live daily blogging.

You can support Team 5 Foundation with their online fundraiser HERE.

Talking with a parrot / Team 5 Expedition Overland / Morning Day 4




Team 5 Medical Foundation joined the crew at Expedition Overland in Central America.   Follow our journey with Expedition Overland.  You can also see other team member insights through live daily blogging.

You can support Team 5 Foundation with their online fundraiser HERE.


Long clinic day / Team 5 Expedition Overland /Day 3

Clinic started early in the warm humidity of the Guatemalan jungle.  The clinic was sparse, clean and perfect for our needs.










While seeing patients, a young girl presented with a large tumor in her back.  Since it was late in the day, I decidecd to operate on her in the morning when it was cooler.

2015-03-28 11.00.03









After clinic we hiked to the river and headed to the Finca Tantin.  A cool place to hole up for the night.  After we arrived the rain started again but the fire was warm.

Raining Cats and Dogs / Team 5 Overland Expedition / Night 2

The Day started like this…

IMG_0864 (1)








We pushed on to the village.









Got camp set up and then the rain came.  See more videos on Team 5 Expedition Overland and follow the mission.

Jungle Drive Day 2 / Team 5 Expedition Overland 9 MAY