I Want To Get In Shape

I believe this phrase is spoken more often than any other.  In my 20+ years of medicine this is what I hear “I want to get in shape”.  People are constantly getting in shape.  The problem is that the shape tends to be round and larger than they want.  Anyone can get into good shape!

It does not happen overnight but it is an achievable goal.  First you must commit to start.

Most folks can do this first part but then comes the really tough step, follow through.  The stumbling blocks to follow through often take the form of excuses beginning with “too”.  “Too busy, too expensive, too tired, too hungry, too whatever”  The problem is the follow through.   Many desire but not all achieve.  How do you get and stay in shape?   I will begin to blog on this subject more frequently.  It is a multifactorial quest that intergrates diet, exercise, and sometimes medication.  If done correctly one lives a happier, healthier, more productive life.  Make the decision and start now.  You won’t regret the results.

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